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Mar. 4th, 2005 @ 05:28 pm (no subject)
Name: Melissa
Age: 22
Location: Ohio
School: Capital University Law School
Married, Engaged, Parenting, and/or Pregnant? Engaged (getting married this month!), TTC
Living arrangement: I live with my fiancee
The toughest part of living the life that you have chosen: Well, nothing is tough so far except for being a law student, but I plan on having my baby as soon as possible, which means I will be giving birth during my first year of practice, and that will be difficult to juggle.
How did you find this community? Saw a link for it in a different community.
What do you think of the idea behind it? I think it's a wonderful idea for a few reasons, the top two being that (1) it is important for young parents to continue their education so they can provide a better life for their current or future children and (2) I think that there is a tendency among young professional women to sacrifice motherhood for their careers because of a lack of support, and this is a way towards filling that gap.
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