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Young Parents [AND OTHERS] In College

Y.P.I.C.: Young Parents [and others] In College
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This community is solely for young people who are under 25 and are:
1. pregnant (and not having an abortion) or a parent
2. married or engaged (with a set date on the wedding)
AND meet one or more of the following requirements:
a. Applicant is a high school student who is positive she/he will have a post-secondary education.
b. Applicant IS a student of a post-secondary school.
c. Applicant HAS completed post-secondary education.

Others accepted on limited terms to be decided by maintainer shwin.
Note: If you have not yet been approved yet, check into Applicants who need to provide more info.

Do realize that all applicants will be researched and can be rejected without reason. YOU MUST TYPE WITH MOSTLY CORRECT GRAMMAR AND LITERATE SPELLING. You may appeal, but "Good luck".

If you are accepted, I'll ask that you PLEASE fill out the introduction survey! Thank you!